Aug 27, 2009

Senator Kennedy Leaves Legacy of Social Justice

Senator Edward Kennedy was a steadfast advocate for college students his entire career. The federal aid, access and retention programs, and anti-discrimination policies he championed for four decades has allowed millions of students to achieve a higher education. Specifically, his work in creating the Pell Grant enables millions of low-income students to go to college every year. By taking a leadership position in lowering the voting age to eighteen, Kennedy helped give political voice to millions of civically engaged young adults.

The United States Student Association and students across the country will look to the late senator for inspiration and wisdom in the continued pursuit to make education a right. Opening the college doors for those who cannot afford to pay the skyrocketing cost of a higher education is a noble way to remember Senator Kennedy.

LegCon Photo - Kennedy

While he will be sorely missed, Senator Kennedy will survive through the community organizing and political courage of those who carry the torch in making this a more just and compassionate world.

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