Mar 3, 2010

Student Aid Reform Rests in YOUR Hands!

The student voice is needed now more than ever. Sallie Mae, the nation's largest private lender and staunch opponent to student aid reform, is pushing its "alternative" to the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA) in the Senate. And Senators are listening. Stand up for the student voice by sending a letter in support of SAFRA to your senators!

Sallie Mae's alternative cuts billions of dollars that go directly to students through the Pell grant, Minority Serving Institutions, and access and retention programs. Additionally, the proposal allows private lenders to continue their predatory marketing tactics that leave students with high risk loans that often lead to default and bankruptcy. We cannot accept this alternative as REAL loan reform!

This policy would hurt students like Alexis, a University of Colorado, Boulder senior with $60,000 in loan and credit card debt. Under Sallie Mae's proposal, students like Alexis would continue to suffer without increased access to grant aid, low-interest rate loans, or access and retention programs guaranteed under SAFRA.
Don't let private lenders drown out the voice of students! In just one minute, you can be a forceful voice for legitimate and essential student aid reform by sending a message to your senators. It's easy! Simply:

1) Go to USSA's student aid reform letter to the senate webpage

2) Type in your zip code

3) Send the pre-written letter to your senators, or add your own thoughts.

4) Click send!

One minute of your time to send a letter to your senators could mean the difference between the greatest higher education investment in American history and more money for private lenders in the student loan system.

-Gregory Cendana, USSA President

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