Mar 9, 2010

Will You Be Counted in this Decade?

There aren't many subjects that seem as boring as the U.S. Census. Every ten years the federal government has to count everyone, so what? Why is it so important?

The truth is, filling out the Census is one of the most important things you can do this year. Data generated by the Census will determine where over $400 billion in federal funding is allocated over the next ten years. That's money that goes straight to your local hospitals, schools, and roads. All of this from a simple ten question survey that takes ten minutes to complete.

This is why the United States Student Association is ramping up studentsCOUNT! 2010, a campaign to encourage young people and people from underrepresented communities to fill out the census and educate their peers on why it is vital to complete. Click on the image on the right to view USSA's studentsCOUNT! 2010 campaign video to learn more about the Census and why it's important.


  1. Wow! What a great video! USSA staff is the best :-)

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